What We Do

Balance Solar is a renewable energy developer. We partner with installers, developers, and investors to provide financing options so our customers pay no capital upfront for the installation.

Our unique model allows us to offer 5 – 15 year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and solar leases. At the end of the contract, ownership of the system transfers directly to our clients for no additional cost.

Standard PPA contracts last 25-30 years, and those who sign the dotted line never see the true potential of their solar panel systems. We believe in the power of the sun, and we want other people to believe in it, too. That’s why we offer PPAs that are no longer than 15 years..

Often, the term on our PPAs is as short as six years, which is unheard of in the industry. A shorter term means our clients own their systems quicker.

Of course, this approach isn’t for everyone. The tradeoff for quicker ownership is higher electricity payments, and our clients often see an increase in their bills. But it’s worth noting that this is only temporary.

After the shortened term is complete, our clients take full ownership of their systems, and realize the true benefits of going solar: independence from utilities, freedom from contracts, and an improved connection to their environment.

How You Benefit

  • You pay nothing for your solar panel system.
    You lock in a utility rate for the next 10-12 years, meaning no increase in your electricity bill.
    When the contract expires, the system reverts to you.

  • Solar energy offers commercial real estate property owners and managers a phenomenal opportunity to either lower operating expenses or increase rent (i.e. cash flow).

  • As Millennials have become a driving force in the marketplace, corporate social responsibility has become the expectation. Using solar panels for your energy will not only save you money, but will improve your reputation as well.

  • Solar panels allow your business to use less energy from the grid, meaning you’ll be less dependent upon external power lines and transmitters.

  • State and local governments are creating renewable energy plans for their communities. Chicago, for example, has pledged to be 100 percent reliant on renewable energy by 2040, which will require meaningful participation from local organizations.

  • By adding solar panels to your roof, you can actively reduce the amount of energy that’s produced from fossil fuels. That means less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and a slower degradation of the planet. Climate change is an economic issue, and by fighting it, you’ll save more in the long run.


  • We work with residential, commercial, and municipal property owners. Ownership is preferrable, but not strictly necessary.

  • Length of PPA or Lease term is recommended.

  • We target clients with roof space in healthy condition with at least 15 years remaining. If your roof does not have this lifespan remaining, contact us for alternatives.

  • To determine how much you can save with a solar panel system, we need to know the price you pay for power, your average electricity consumption, and the estimated size of your roof.


Balance Solar’s purpose is threefold: to provide renewable energy affordably, to create business on the foundation of trust, and to benefit all parties involved - especially the Earth.

In the future, we hope to work with state and local governments to make a significant impact in the global transition to renewable energy.

We believe in the power of the Sun, and marvel at our ability to harness it. We live for growth and the preservation of life. We fight to restore balance in the world, and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

About Us

Balance Solar is backed by a team of investors and individuals with collective experience in the field.

We live to make solar power affordable for everyone. We strive to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We dream of providing enough clean energy to power the planet, and to restore balance to the natural world.

We are committed to providing our customers with trust, transparency, with a simple installation and engineering process.


If you recommend Balance Solar to someone who then installs with us, we will thank you with $500 after their new system is installed. Just be sure to have them mention your name.

Every chance you get to talk about your system can lead to a $500 referral fee that recovers a portion of your system’s cost. One of the best ways to make meaningful change is to invite other people to join the quest for clean energy!

Don't have solar? That doesn’t mean you can’t share your passion for solar! Promoting solar with your friends and family is a great way to put your interest in solar to use, support sustainable energy, and get paid all at the same time.

Send us a message with your referrals name, email, and phone number, and how you would like us to approach them.